“The Best Menswear
Tailor in New York.”

You can always find a suit in your price point, it can be difficult to find a suit that you feel confident in and fits you perfectly. Robbie & Co. will tailor your pieces so that your clothes fit perfectly. You will enjoy looking sharp, yet comfortable and move freely.

We provide our customers with workmanship that goes above and beyond industry standards.


*Items must be new or freshly cleaned before alterations can be performed.

“The best place in NYC to dress for success. Great service, customer interaction and quality!”

– J. Russo

“Tailor on site and all the alterations were done less than 48 hours after I walked in, and everything fit perfectly. Service was on another level.”

– Jeremie P.


Our in-house Master tailor is here to ensure quick and easy fitting. With over 35 years of experience, he can make any alteration to achieve your proper fit. Some alterations can even be done while you wait.

We keep your measurements on file to make subsequent alterations and shopping for new clothes convenient and quickly.

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Create a memorable first impression with a sleek, tailored look—courtesy of our alterations expert.
*outside alterations not accepted during peak seasons, please call ahead for availability.

SUIT Alterations + Formalwear Alterations + Zipper Repair + Seam Repair + Buttonholes


*Items must be new or freshly cleaned before alterations can be performed.
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