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Wedding Suits for Summer

Summer months are quickly approaching and everyone knows what that means. That’s right, “It’s Wedding Season!” While weddings are usually very exciting for the couple exchanging vows it’s typically confusing for just about everyone else. There’s always the question of “what should I wear”, or “is this even appropriate?” Not to mention, that things become a whole world more confusing when an invitation has no specifications to as to what the couple expects you to look like. Picking a summer wedding outfit is easy, and will be made just a bit easier with the knowledge that I’m about to bestow upon you.

  1. You can never go wrong with a classic suit

    Charcoal gray and navy blue suits are never the wrong choice. They say I’m sophisticated without really rubbing your face in it. Regardless of the season these suits are never inappropriate. It’s clean, polished, and it’s refined.

  1. Just because classic is never wrong doesn’t mean you can’t step outside the box

    Classic suits are great, but fashion is all about experimenting so for those more adventurous souls you don’t have to strictly abide by a rule of navy blue or charcoal gray suits, especially during the summer months. Khaki suits are definitely acceptable, as are chambray, lighter blue, plaid, light gray, and maroon suits. What makes these suits inappropriate or completely acceptable has to do with how one accessorizes the suit. If you’re going to go plaid know that your shirt and tie need to be subtle aka solid colors are your best friends. No one wants to look like a clown vomited on them. That being said, if you’re going with a solid suit like a khaki, maroon, or chambray suit don’t be afraid to add a little pattern into the mix.  The key really is balance. A suit that already is excessively patterned should have more subtle accessories, where as a solid colored suit, although great with subtle accessories, can also give one an opportunity to get creative, and spice up a look with shirts and ties that have a little more design to them.

  1. Fabric is important too, and don’t you forget it

    When buying a suit I think it’s safe to assume most peoples’ number one question isn’t “I wonder what this is made of.” Well, especially during summer wedding months, you might want to give that question some thought. Wool suits are incredibly popular, and don’t get me wrong they’re great during those colder fall and winter months, but not so much during summer. Wearing one of these suits in hot weather is asking for disaster. You’ll go from looking sharp to looking shiny, and not in a good way. Regardless of what ads may lead you to believe, sweat isn’t cute. Instead opt for a suit made of cotton or linen this fabric breathes more and will keeping looking sleek throughout all the festivities.

  1. Sports Jackets and Slim Fit suits are ok

    If you’re worried a sports jacket or slim fitted suit might be a little too casual for a wedding, don’t. Unless the invitation says black tie affair feel free to wear either of these looks. Both can look neat, and dressed up right a sports jacket can look just as classic as a suit. However, for those that don’t feel comfortable with this option a classic fit is also a popularly worn style and great at weddings or really any event.

So for those with wedding style anxiety, you can all sit down and take a breather because the rules are laid out for you. All you have to do now is sit back and follow them.

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